The alternative to cosmetic surgery and the world’s first ever combination of Micro-currents, Ultrasound and LED futuristic technologies, for dramatic visible results after just 1 treatment.



The Treatment

This tailored treatment includes an exclusive combination of micro-currents,

ultrasound and LED technologies, for dramatic, visible results after just one treatment.


The Reward

The ultimate results in lifting, reducing the look of fine lines and revealing radiance,

whatever your skincare concerns may be. 



Cinetic Lift Treatment Offerings

A skin analysis is strongly recommended before scheduling your first treatment. 

Your esthetician will complete a thorough examination to precisely evaluate issues above

and beneath the surface of the skin. This will ensure you receive the best recommendation

for a treatment based on your unique skin type. 


Lift Expert Treatments

Lagoon Hydration

Dry and dehydrated skin treatment

1h30 (CHF 260.- )


Instant Detox Treatment

Deep cleansing for fresh,

clean looking skin

0.45 h  (CHF 185.-)


Coton Softness

Sensitive Skin

1h30 (CHF 260.-)


Fundamental Clarity

Oily and combined skin

1h30 (CHF 260.- )


Eclat de Cristal

Grey looking skin with

spots and pigments

1h45 (CHF 310.-)


Lift fermeté

Lifting + 40 age

1h45 (CHF 310.-)


3 ORS 

Lifting + 50 age

1 h 45 (CHF 390.- )


Diamond de Beauté

Lifting + 25 age for every skin type

1h45 (CHF 440.- )



Lifting +25 age for every skin problem

1h45 (ChF 440.- )


Treatment Plans


Anti-Ageing Intensive Lifting

5 Treatments / 4 Weeks (CHF 1’500.-)


Diamond de Beauté Lifting 

5 Treatments / 4 Weeks (CHF 1'975.-)



5 Treatments / 4 Weeks (CHF 880.-)  






 Lifting pro with Cinétic Lift Expert

10 minutes (CHF 40.-)


 LED pro  individual on your skin type

10 minutes (CHF 40.-)


Detox Ampulles

Recommended for every

skin care treatment

(CHF 50.-)   


10er session à 20 minutes each session

(CHF 760.-)


For specific questions or concerns,

contact us directly by email

or phone at +41 44 772 22 76. 



Intensive Hyaluron 3Ha Care 

Moisture and hydration  

1h30 (CHF 280.-)


 Energy Treatment 

1h30 (CHF 380.-)


3 Anti-Ageing  

1h45 (CH 380.-)


Gourmet Oxygene Saison

Prepare skin for each season

with Vitamins and Minerals

1h30 (CHF 240.-)


Classical Skin Treatment

Deep cleansing, peeling, ampulle, massage, mask

With Massage: 1h30 (CHF 220.-)

Without Massage: 1 h (CHF 190.-)



Treatment Plans

3-er cure Hyalouron 3Ha 

Treatment series booked after 1 grand soin Intensive Hyaluron

4 weeks / CHF 800.-


3-er cure Energy Treatment

Treatment series booked 1 grand soin Energy Treatment

4 weeks / CHF 1’080.-


 3-er cure Anti-Ageing

Treatement series booked after 1 grand soin Anti-Ageing

4 weeks / CHF 1’080.-



Treatment 128

The ulitimate Lifting for Face & Body

2 h 30 CHF 650.- 

Face only 1h30 CHF 440.-

Body only 0.45 h 250.- 

For specific questions or concerns, 

contact us directly by email

or phone at +41 44 772 22 76.