We offer premium skin care Services

in a luxury Boutique environment to melt away stress and produce exceptional results.

Carita Cine Lift Behandlung

Our Mission is for you to leave feeling extraordinary.



Our prestige skin care treatments from CARITA PARIS  use the unique CINÉTIC LIFT EXPERT technique, which combines micro-currents, ultrasound and Luminotheraphy Futuristic Technologies to give you dramatic and visible results in correcting, lifting and firming.


Our Treatments include firming and Lifting anti-ageing facials, skin blemish removal, acne and cellulite reducing body Treatments and age-spot and scar removal.


Most importantly, at L'ADRESSE Haute Beauté we belive in the importance of feeling extraordinary and all our treatments have a professional and luxury ritual which rejuventate and pamper.


The CARITA Cinétic Lift Expert Technology is proven to give results comparable to cosmetic surgery and

you will notice the difference after the first visit to L'ADRESSE Haute Beauté.


Why not try one of our most popular facials, the ‘supreme wrinkle solution': start at CHF 310.-

for 1 hour 45 minutes, CARITA's ultra-precise anti-wrinkle treatment. Perfectly smoothed, the first signs of wrinkles are neutralised and deepwrinkles are plumped up, as if lifted. The skin is bright, radiant, visibly rejuvenated, glowing with health.


Or, if you are looking for a more firming solution, you are sure to love the famous CARITA ‘lift firming facial’,

which is the result of the latest scientific advances in skin slackening.  This intensive strengthening treatment targets the areas most affected by loss firmness. It targets Skin with an immediate lifting effect. The skin is firmed and toned, features are visibly lifted with a long-lasting effect, and the facial contours are retracted.


For a full list of all our treatments, view our list here