Nutri-Relaxing Oil - Sothys Athletics


An enveloping oil that is specially formulated for athletic activity with a triple objective : tone, compensate, comfort. 

· Tone: it improves the tone of the skin for optimized exercise preparation.

· Compensate: it helps the skin recover its suppleness and nutrition.

· Comfort: it comforts the skin after exercise.


Use: Before exercising, apply to the body and rub in vigorously to improve the tone of the skin. After exercising, apply with deep, gentle smoothing strokes to leave the skin supple and relieve areas weakened by the athletic activity. Use when not exercising: apply to the whole body and rub in vigorously.


Active Ingredients: 

Sacha inchi oil rich in omega 3 and Vitamin F, rich in omega 6

To rebalance the barrier function and nourish.


100% natural extract from the Candeia tree, native of Brazil, renowned for its soothing properties.


Scents: Fragrance free: Camphor, Cypre 

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Smoothing Warming Gel - Sothys Athletics


An original formula with an immediate warming effect for two possible uses:

· Heat supply/sport: the warming gel helps to prepare the skin for exercise.

· Silhouette: combined use with the Essential slimming care on the legs helps boost its slimming effectiveness on a daily basis for both athletes and people who want to improve their figure.


 Proven results!

27% visible reduction in the appearance of orange-peel skin.*

20% boost in smoothing efficiency when it is applied as a 1-month intensive treatment before Essential slimming care.**

*Average tester analysis on 15 people who applied the product alone, twice a day for 30 days.

** Average comparative tester analysis on 18 people who applied Essential slimming care alone and 17 people who applied Smoothing warming gel + Essential slimming care.


Use: Apply with gentle smoothing strokes to the required areas of the body until it is completely absorbed.


Active Ingredients: 

Caffeine: Lipolysis properties (eliminates fat). In a vectorised format to boost effectiveness. 

Methyl nicotinate: Stimulating properties. Immediate warming effect.

Re-energizing complex: To provide essential nutrients and stabilize the moisture balance in the epidermis (taurine, green algae bioferment - Chorelle vulgaris, lupin proteins).


Scents: Citrus, Floral, Green

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